The UH-OH Band™ was created with dedication and love for the dogs that share their lives in their owner's home. For many of us our canine pets seem to be as "human" as any people that reside within our homes. Most dogs are "people pleasers" and try very hard to make their owners happy. If we look beyond the emotional love that bonds us to our beloved dog(s), we will quickly realize how difficult a task this desire to please the owner(s) can be for some of our pets. As we all know, our dogs were created with instinct instead of the spectrum of choices that humans enjoy. Sometimes, no matter how much of a "people pleaser" our dog(s) may be, these instincts may be too strong for our male dogs to overcome. A perfect example is male marking. When we analyze this action, we realize that this is a function that in his world is not wrong. But he does not live in his world ... We have forced him to live in our world and our homes. Understanding the male dog's position will not and cannot make dog urine an acceptable addition to our family's home and environment.
Having a dog marking in your house creates an uncomfortable and frustrating living situation for you and your pet.  Get an UH-OH band and get some relief!We are dedicated to the dog owners who are dog lovers. In our opinion, people who love animals are good people! We are also delighted that our product can remove frustration from your home life and instill the quality that an urine-free home or a home with dog urine under control possesses.

The UH-OH Band™ was designed and created on the belief:
"Happy people and happy pets create a happier home environment!"

Meet Casey, the inspiration for the creation of the UH-OH band.  This doggie diaper will keep your adult male dog from marking inside your home or peeing on our furniture because of incontinence.
Casey, the driving force behind the creation of the UH-OH Bands
We hope this product can 100% eliminate your male dogs desire to mark inside your home!! But... this is not always the case. Here is our personal testimony. Meet our Casey, one of the dogs that continues to try to mark his territory. Casey is a 2 1/2 year old Weimaraner who was neutered at an early age. At 1 1/2 years old, Casey started marking everything in our home. To make matters worse, Jesse and Colby, our 11 year old males, started marking everywhere Casey marked. We love our dogs and it was not a choice to exile them from our home. Our only choice became to find a solution! After we created the UH-OH Band™ to combat the marking, we realized Jesse and Colby have become incontinent in their old age. All 3 males wear this product day & night and this is fine. Even though Casey wets his belly band, the material wicks the urine away from his skin and therefore eliminates all skin irritation. Our home has become a quality environment again! No more furniture being marked or ruined and a urine free home because the bands absorb all the urine. The bands are so easy to take off and easy to put on. Washing & drying these bands is so easy!. We are happier and so is Casey. We no longer have negative reactions to his attempts to mark his territory. We simply change his band. Jesse & Colby are happier, as the young guy is not marking their territory (but only wetting his band). Our 2 older guys will continue to wear their bands day and night because of dribbling and incontinence. Again, this is not a problem, as they like wearing their UH-OH Bands!

Dogs are amazing and they capture our hearts!
Sometimes we forget to give them credit for the things they do, or in this case, give them the credit for the things they DO NOT DO, SUCH AS MALE MARKING.

More Information About Male Dogs that Mark
Because you are reading this, I think it is safe to assume you have a male dog marking problem. If you have other dogs that do not mark, take time now & praise their lack of participation in this action. If you have acquired your male as a young puppy, you probably remember the glory days after his house breaking was complete. And before you knew it, you realized he had started peeing in the house again, but this time, your dog was also peeing on the furniture, peeing on the walls, peeing inside everywhere he could. Why did he start the urine marking, particularly if he was neutered? Why did the house training not work? House training is not a concept in a dog's world, as it is natural for them to urinate at any time and any place of their choosing. Dogs do not consider elimination to be a problem or an incorrect behavior. There are many reasons a male dog marks. Dogs are very "scent" driven and the scent of urine can be overwhelming. They can detect many things through the scent of urine. The presence of a female dog in your area can trigger the dog marking response or he may be demonstrating protection for his pack by setting boundaries. Or, as in the case of our three male dogs, when one of our dogs started marking, the scent stimulated the other males to also mark. Just remember, we think in terms of "family" and they think in terms of "pack" and these concepts and positions are very different. And as always, remember, your male dog never marks out of spite or anger towards his owner(s). Do not be misled and punish your dog for house training problems or urine marking. Dogs who are punished in house training will simply learn to hide from people when eliminating and this will decrease the possibility of successful training. The same applies to the dog that urinates in his belly band, belly wrap or dog diaper. Even though you may choose to wait a short period of time before changing the belly band, dog belly wrap or doggie diaper, when you replace the soiled garment with a clean garment, do so without a punishment action or a negative reaction.

Always, make sure your male dog is not having male accidents in the house because of a medical condition. Urinary tract infections, prostate enlargement or infection, mobility problems that create pain when he needs to go outside can cause young and old dogs, alike, to urinate in the house. It is always an excellent practice to address your Veterinarian with concerns or questions pertaining to your pet(s).

More Information About Male Dog Incontinency
Urinary incontinence is a condition that is characterized by a dog losing control over the ability to hold urine. Your male dog can develop incontinence after being neutered. After being neutered, small amounts of testosterone continue to be produced. Usually, the amount of testosterone produced is enough to maintain the muscle tone of the bladder so the dog can hold urine. However, this is not always the case. You may notice a "wet spot" where your dog was sleeping, or there may be wet areas on the hind quarter after he has been sleeping or laying down. If your dog is incontinent, when he relaxes, the muscles of the bladder which controls urination will also relax. If the muscles relax too much, urine will leak out of the bladder. Some incontinent dogs will dribble urine as they walk around.

Male dog marking can leave a trail of virtual destruction in your house.  The UH-OH band is your solution.