Lydia from Des Moines
"Snickers may be small in size but this little Yorkie can compete with the big dogs when it comes to peeing. Your product has given us back not only a clean house but also our sanity. I am happy to announce, no more pee! As long as he wears his Uh-Oh Band, he does not have accidents. I will recommend your product to everyone I know!"

Quigley, owned by RB from West Chicago, IL

Sarah from Buffalo, NY
"Trace has developed diabetes in his old age. This greatly increases the amount of urine he voids. Not only have your bands made a remarkable change in our lives but also for Trace. He seems to be happier and more relaxed. Thanks to your bands we no longer have negative situations in our home. His band provides him with the comfort he deserves. Because of the way the urine disperses through the cloth, and away from his body, I do not have to worry about the urine staying in contact with the skin. I never thought a band without pads would hold ALL his urine but it does! He has different bands for day wear and night wear. He seems to love the bands as much as I do!!"

Mary and Bob in Wilmington, NC
"We are very glad we had the opportunity to meet you this spring at the Azalea Festival. What a great way to let people examine your bands - hands on! The dedication and commitment of the DogPerils staff to the canines and their owners was impressive. It is very apparent that you are not only "Dog" people but also "People" people. We also were very impressed that DogPerils was involved in sponsoring Dog Rescue. We loved the bottles of water and large dog biscuits with your DogPerils labels. What a creative way to raise funds for a very good cause. It was evident by the amount of money in the contribution boxes, the campaign was a success. We hope to see you this Fall at the local dog events."

Cody, owned by KF from Wilmington, NC

Beth & Charles from Winston Salem, NC
"Words cannot express our gratitude. When I called you for help with our "special needs" dachshund, Sam, we did not expect the service and support we received. Your attitude of 'if it is humanly possible we will do it' let me know how much you cared. Thank you for your willingness to work with us and alter your bands to accommodate Sam's special needs. He loves his band and they look adorable on him."

Wanda in Columbus, Ohio
"Cute designs, fast shipping and wonderful for my dogs (and me)! The fit is perfect and the quality is superb!! I ordered 3 bands each for our Greyhound boys. We tried many of your competitor's products. We will look no further. We found what works for us. I will be placing another order for more bands. All the patterns are so cute it is hard not to order one of each!!!"

Marlene in Phoenix
"Roman, my Golden Retriever, has reached the age where he has become incontinent. My husband recommended 'putting him down'. As his overall health for his age is very good and his quality of life excellent, I could not accept this route. I took a NO WAY stand. After much research, I found DogPerils and ordered one of your bands. I have since ordered more. I will always be grateful for helping to find a way to make the remainder of our lives with Roman happier. We love our Roman and we love the fact that we do not have any more UH-OH situations in our home!!!!"

U-2, owned by MD from Mougins, France

KH from Las Vegas
"WOW - I have always despised all the 'extras' that come with body bands, wraps, diapers and pads. All these 'extras' only means more work for the person who uses them and has to launder them. Finally a band that is excellent for the dog and for the human!"

Crista in Atlanta
"Cool! I thought I had found the best possible belly bands for my show dogs. I was wrong. These bands are softer and easier on my dog's coats than the bands I am currently using. DogPerils ... You have a new customer!!!!"



Carol in Seattle
"Thanks for working with me to size Sampson's band. I know you probably thought he was an elephant instead of a Mastiff!!!!"

Susan in San Diego
"We have 3 male Chihuahua males and 2 male Pugs. What a crazy pack! The UH-OH bands are just what we need. This material is so lightweight and comfortable. Our dogs love them. We have varying 'urine problems' and it is great to find one band that meets all our needs. Word of caution, do not use the same band on multiple dogs. I did not believe that it would really matter, but it does. The 1st time I ordered, I used the same band on my Chihuahuas and we had leakage problems. Because the Pugs were different sizes, I ordered them their own bands and the bands worked perfectly. I learned my lesson and re-ordered my Chihuahuas their own personal bands. No more problems! Thanks for a great product that makes life easier. I agree with your statement 'Happy people and pets make a happier home'."

Max, owned by DA from Chico, CA

Allen from Richmond
"Great product! Does everything it says it will do. I will recommend this to my friends."

Max, owned by DA from Chico, CA
Max is shown with a special band option
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Kelly from Chicago
"We love your UH-OH Bands. Great logos! Our 13 year old Basset Hound, Riley has developed a problem holding his urine at night. Thanks to your belly band, we no longer stress when we go to bed at night, wondering if we will wake up wet. Riley has slept with us since he was a puppy and it would break his heart (and ours) to kick him out of the bed. He cannot help what is happening to his body as he ages. Thanks for solving our heart burdening problem. We all sleep sound these days! Thanks DogPerils."