The correct measurement of your dog's waist
will determine the success of the UH-OH Band™
Get the right size for your dog.  Measure his waist and find his size on the chart.Measure your dog's waist directly in front of the tip of your dog's penis

Use caution to achieve an accurate measurement. Do not pull the measuring tape too tight. Use the chart below to determine the correct size.

Sizing chart is accurate for most dogs. Certain exceptions may apply. If your dog is very stout for his height and / or varies greatly from the standards of his breed or if your dog has a medical condition, such as diabetes that greatly increases the amount he urinates, please contact us for guidance to insure the UH-OH Band™ you order will properly fit your dog and absorb the amount urinated into the male belly band.
Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. For the quickest reply send us an e-mail to or call us at 910-790-5151, Please note we are not always available by phone. Please leave a message and we will respond back to you as fast as possible.